How to fix my portable solid-state drive (ESD)'s plodding write speed?

Category : Specification / Capacity / Performance
If the write speed of your portable SSD (ESD) drops to about 60–100MB/s, please refer to the following instructions. (You can measure the speed via speed test software.)

1. Reasons for write speed drop:
  • The SLC cache got exhausted: Portable SSDs (ESD) have an SLC cache mechanism. If a specific capacity is used or a large amount of data is written in a single power-on, cache blocks will run out. Afterward, these drives will write slower as TLC blocks. (about 60–100 MB/s).
  • Use SSDs as system drives: Portable SSDs (ESD) are not system drives but consumer products mainly designed for transferring files.If you use them as system drives, many small files will be read and written, and the portable SSDs (ESD) cache blocks will also be exhausted faster, affecting the write performance.In addition, if users use them as system drives to keep writing a large number of small files, it will not help speed up SSDs because consuming cache blocks will be much faster than clearing out cache blocks.
2. Solutions to restore speed
We suggest you power on portable SSDs (ESD) for a while for the performance to return to normal or delete unnecessary data to free up more space, and they will slow down less often.
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